50 Item Mask Box

Disposable non-woven non-medical mask

Product details:

Product Features:
· Anti Dust
· Anti Fog
· Anti Spray
· Anti Germ

Instructions :
· Stretch unfolded Mask
· Adjust Rubber Ear Loops on both sides
· Press the Bridge of the nose and the sides to make it more comfortable.

· It is not recommended to use this product under the conditions of low oxygen, heavy air pollution, poor breathing or during sleep.
· For patients with severe asthma or other severe respiratory diseases please us with caution.
· Please use the masks properly. Do not modify or misuse it at ill to avoid serious consequences caused by improper usage.
· Store in an environment with temperature at -20 Celsius to 38 Celsius and the relative humidity of the environment shall be lower than 80%.

Different Sizes :
· Individually packed single mask . (One case contains 2000 masks)
· Checkout Retail Box – 24 Individually packed single mask in a stand-alone box. (One case contains 576 masks )
· Ten pack – One pack contains 10 masks ( Each case contains 2930 masks)
· Box Pack- 50 masks in one box ( Each case contains 2500 mask) .